segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2009

Saki em castelhano

Diz-nos Alba Marina Rivera, a ilustradora:

El contador de cuentos has been awarded the 2009 BolognaRagazzi Award for New Horizons. The Ragazzi Award is among the most prestigious international awards conferred each year in the world of children’s book publishing.
EKARÉ – Caracas, Venezuela
text by Saki, illustrations by Alba Marina Rivera
The Jury first of all considered the courage shown by illustrator Alba Marina Rivera in tackling Saki’s little masterpiece, one of the most acute and disturbing modern short stories ever. Despite the daunting task, the illustrator shows no inhibitions, uncertainties, doubts or fears. Rather she portrays the many emotions in the story – shock, irony, boredom, disgust and expectation – with masterly strokes, capturing with great visual clarity the atmosphere that reigns in the railway carriage. For this is the scene of a veritable clash between two educational concepts, two moral options and perhaps indeed two worldviews. The aunt, storyteller and children are drawn with allusive elegance, the emotional undercurrents of each scene clearly visible. With her exquisite line work, the illustrator places Saki’s storyteller firmly in the realms of the fantastic. The innovative yet elegant book jacket completes a wholly enjoyable visual presentation.
Graças ao Papel de Lustro, outra vez ;)

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tenho este livro desde Abril.

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