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This is a Baobab tree. The genus is found throughout Africa, Madagascar, some parts of Asia and in Australia. They are often called "the tree of life". Their trunks often reach 7 to 11 m in diameter and the Glencoe baobab (usually considered the largest in existence) had a diameter of 15.9 m until it split into two parts a few years ago.

A single tree can hold up to 4,500 litres (1,189 gallons) of water.

From I f Love Science 


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Movimento Arco-Íris de Sabores (MAIS) - NutriVentures

Quando acordas de manhã, come logo uma maçã,
Uma banana por dia dá-te força e energia.
Queres manga pró almoço? Pode ser mas sem caroço.
Framboesa de certeza que vai ser a sobremesa.
Sumarenta melancia para o lanche eu já comia,
E se vens jantar comigo...não te esqueças traz um figo!
Antes de sair de casa uma laranja descascada
E um ananás para ganhar energia pra brincar.
Come ao chegar à escola um morango pra memória,
Quando é hora de lanchar o Kiwi vem a calhar.
Ao cantares a canção não te esqueças do melão,
Da papaia e da amora antes de te ires embora.
Quando acordas de manhã, come logo uma maçã,
Uma banana por dia dá-te força e energia.
Queres manga pró almoço? Pode ser mas sem caroço.
Framboesa de certeza que vai ser a sobremesa.
Sumarenta melancia para o lanche eu já comia,
E se vens jantar comigo...não te esqueças traz um figo!
Muitos cheiros, tantas cores, arco-íris de sabores,
Come fruta todo dia pra crescer com alegria!

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What's the time... In Australia?

And two delicious comments on the Cheezburger post:

"To make it even more complicated, Broken Hill, out in far western NSW (the reddish one) runs half an hour after the rest of the state because the town runs off South Australia (purple) time. And then there's a town basically built right on the NSW/Queensland (blue) border which has two time zones during DST."

"Time Zones are the least of our problems down under..."

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A Mighty Girl - Girl Empowerment Holiday Gift Guide

Click and go!

Baby Chasmosaurus fossil found in Canada

The tiny, intact skeleton of a baby rhinoceroslike dinosaur has been unearthed in Canada.
The toddler was just 3 years old and 5 feet (1.5 meters) long when it wandered into a river near Alberta, Canada, and drowned about 70 million years ago. The beast was so well-preserved that some of its skin left impressions in the nearby rock.
The fossil is the smallest intact skeleton ever found from a group of horned, plant-eating dinosaurs known as ceratopsids.


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Princesses, by David Trumble

My favourites:

And the controversial Holocaust Princess changed to Diary Princess (because princesses are, after all, shallow and unworthy of the Holocaust *roll eyes*)

Just a Second!

If you want to browse illustrated books AND read an insightful review, look no further than Brain Pickings

The second doesn’t relate to any cycle in nature — it’s a human invention, and the shortest interval of time most of us use in our daily lives. The Babylonians came up with the idea of the second about 4,000 years ago, but they had no way to measure such a short interval of time.”

Steve Jenkins

In Australia everything is trying to kill you (and we'll never hear the end of it ;)

Found in They Draw & Travel

Done by Logan Wagoner


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New Favourite Book Publisher: BabyLit :)

Elephants in fiction - quiz from The Guardian

  1. 1. What is the name of Babar’s wife and queen of Babar’s Kingdom?
  2. 2. Who wrote An Elephant in the Garden?
  3. 3. What is the name of Elmer the Elephant’s cousin, who loves playing practical jokes?
  4. 4. Who wrote Horton Hears a Who?
  5. 5. In which Roald Dahl story does Trunky the Elephant appear?
Go check :)

You scored 4 out of a possible 5 Good effort! Your elephant knowledge isn't a grey area...

One Perspective: The Opium is Our Children

From More Intelligent Life magazine

If a Roman senator’s opium was his public life, a Viking’s was battle. Our ancestors have been addicted to honour, craved virtue and wealth, been hooked on conquest, on adventure, and on God. But ours is the first civilisation to find its deepest fulfilment in its descendants. Our opium is our children.
We’re all familiar with the results. There is the greater dismay we seem to feel at youth unemployment than at the poverty of pensioners, although some of the most disturbing scenes I’ve witnessed have been in the homes of the elderly. There is the way that older people are expected to give far more to voluntary organisations. We assume that the over-65s will take on almost the entire burden of supporting political parties, for which the young occasionally vote, and of maintaining the churches in which the young like to marry. We accept too easily that the young should not be called upon to carry the burden of sustaining communities because "their lives are too busy".
People who might once have been public figures, deeply invested in their work, are instead busy serving their children. Ours is a culture not of ancestor worship but of descendant worship. Children must sense that nothing an adult does is more important than their own desires. All political questions seem to come down to the interests of "the next generation".
I am reminded of the philosopher who was informed by a lady that the world rested on a turtle. When asked what the turtle rested on, she replied it was "turtles all the way down". Our purpose is our children, whose purpose is their children. And so on. Each generation more important than the one before. Generation after generation, all the way down.
This seems a self-defeating, infinite regression. I’d prefer our opium to be the struggle to create a living civilisation, which might daunt even our descendants. We should seek to emulate previous generations. Our obligation cannot be uniquely to the young, and those yet to be born. It is also to the living, and to the dead.

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Rory Stewart is a British MP and a former soldier who spent two years walking across Asia. He is the co-author of "Can Intervention Work?"

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Elephant Fury

from the Africa Geographic blog, now following :)

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