terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013

introducing The QI Zoo

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A very good Dinosaur Family Tree Explainer

So spake Vondell:

made rebloggable because people wanted it, this is a very very simple thing that i used to talk about why birds are dinosaurs and what that means and where they fit into the family tree, why “reptile" is a weird arbitrary term that excludes birds only because it was made up before we knew birds were dinosaurs and we’re stubborn, why “sauropsid" is a better term that isn’t as weird and arbitrary, and where lizards and other modern reptile descendants fit into the family
there’s a lot of very interesting detail to go into that i did not go into, this is very very simplistic, as evidenced by the fact that i used a good amount of land before time nomenclature. i grouped some different animal groups together for the sake of clarity that are not usually represented as a single group (sauropods & ornithischians are usually distinct, but the thing i wanted to get across was “non-theropod dinosaurs", turtles belong to a slightly more distant-past fork than lizards and snakes, there are many more non-dinosaur archosaurs than pterosaurs and plesiosaurs and crocodilians, etc)
if youre interested in any of that stuff and you have a little while to spend on wikipedia, pretty much any term is a goldmine of information and also specifically articles like “bird evolution" or “evolution of reptiles"

How to jump into a Swimming-Pool :)

How do I make a Picture Book, by Adam Rex

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